Sunday, 23 January 2011

January 23rd ~ A small stone

International Small Stones Writing Month
Written for a river of stones ~ Go here to find out more

I walked and walked and walked......

The sky was dark and cloudy - I could see no moon nor stars,

but I could hear my thoughts, and they made sense......

instead of a jumbled blurry mass

when contained within the claustrophic four walls......

So, I went out and walked and walked and walked.

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  1. Sometimes when I do that, I just don't want to go home! Nicely said xx

  2. I could have walked all night last night Sam. When I eventually did arrive home, hubby asked why I was avoiding him! :O)

  3. Really relate to this one! x

  4. Hi Emm. It sort of reminds me of that bit in the film 'Forest Gump' when Forest just keeps running and running. :O) It's good therapy. :D

  5. lovely yes, walking is great for clearing the mind...

  6. Walking has the same effect on me.


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