Tuesday, 4 January 2011

January 4th ~ My Polished Stones

International Small Stones Writing Month

written for a river of stones
To find out how you can join in, go here.

Dogs don't stand on ceremony.  I smiled at the concentration with which he sniffed my trouser leg, revelling in the scent of my own canine companions.  Reaching down, I caressed a silken ear.

I love riding in buses.  There are lots of people usually, each is different to the next.  I pretend to look out of the window but really I'm  people-watching.


  1. this piece is full of such simple pleasures... to touch a sweet dog's silken ear, people watching while riding a bus...
    so well done.

  2. Thank you! I met the little dog while standing at the bus stop. :D It wasn't the one in the picture, but every bit as cute.

  3. cute, super witty piece..


  4. This sounds like a very interesting project.

    Lovely little vignettes.


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