Sunday, 2 January 2011

January 2nd ~ My Polished Stones

International Small Stones Writing Month

Go to a river of stones to find out more about polished stones

Looking out of the window, some pigeons from the allotments were flying freely in circles.  It was lovely to watch them as they wheeled effortlessly and orderly in the sky ..... do they ever get dizzy, I wonder?

Gertrude Jekyll's boots by William Nicolson

Grubby hands scratched by bramble prunings, soil under the fingernails - mucky boots that feel like they're weighed down with lead and need to be scraped clean.  How I love gardening!


  1. Gardening tends to leave its mark doesn't it? And I for one am not complaining! Love how it nurtures the soul!

  2. Hi. :) Today was the first day I was out gardening since the thaw and it feels good!

  3. I can feel the mud on your boots and its a reminder that I should be out there too

  4. Hello Bridget. :) It hasn't been easy to get out to do gardening because of all the snow we've had...... and I don't want to be a harbinger of doom but, according to the weather forecast, more snow is on the way - in the north at least... perhaps you will escape it down south. Strange how the forecasters are always right when the weather is awful, but when it's supposed to be sunny, they get it wrong more often than not. :O)


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