Thursday, 27 January 2011

January 27th ~ A small stone

 International Small Stones Writing Month
written for a river of stones ~ go here to find out more
Saint Cuthbert's tomb, Durham Cathedral

In this vast cavernous holy place
where people flock to from all over the world....  yet .....
In your presence, dear Saint, you have given me healing, peace and reassurance.
I came to you again today, lit a candle ..... whispered a prayer.
Thank you for your intercession
and the gift of your peace.

Saint Cuthbert


  1. It looks and sounds an awesome place! Glad you found peace...xx

  2. Durham Cathedral is awesome indeed, Emm! Hundreds of people file through it's big oak door on a daily basis and, as you can imagine, it gets really busy during the Summer months. Yet, despite the crowds, there is this lovely atmosphere of peace. :)

  3. It's years since I visited Durham Cathedral, lovely post thanks.

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  4. What a wonderful place that seems as if it would be peaceful and inspiring. Looking at the photo and reading your words made me wish I could visit. Maybe one day I shall!

    Kat X

  5. lovely words...

    thanks for sharing.

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  6. Lovely! Eliza, I've loved reading your stones, I'm glad I found your blog. Looking forward to reading more xxx


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