Wednesday, 5 January 2011

January 5th ~ My Polished Stones

International Small Stones Writing Month

written for a river of stones ~ go here to find out about collecting and polishing your own literary stones

Cupboard turned out, Christmas decorations pushed to the back  All neat and tidy and in order - time for an Earl Grey, smiles with satisfaction. :D

I was about to scold..... until I remembered how I'd hurried you off to the vet not so long ago.  You're old and I thought you might die.  Not so - you came home to leave more pawprints on my heart.


  1. Love the idea of paw prints on your heart. It's an engaging image and your illustrations are a joy.

  2. Your words and images are lovely. The second is so wonderful and emotive; really tugged at my heart strings and successfully conveyed how we can love our pets (in my case cat). Fab!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Great to connect up with you via aros.

    Kat :-)

  3. Thank you Kat. I have three dogs, but I think that cats are more beautiful. I've had three cats in the past - Jason, Cassandra and Basilea. The only reason I don't have a cat now is because I spent most of the time crying when they brought me a little feathered or furry gift! I never learned to cope with that. :O)


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