Thursday, 6 January 2011

January 6th ~ My polished stones

International Small Stones Writing Month

written for a river of stones
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Old Bob and I amble out  ~ a gentle flurry of snow.  I look round at him and smile.  He looks as though he's dusted with icing powder.


Marching in front of the mirror in time to the music..... remember to breathe now, lift those feet....that's it, swing those arms...nice ~ who remembers Mr. Motivator?  Hey, no slackin'!  Smile......SMILE!  I feel good!


  1. I have a lovely picture in my head of 'old Bob' 'dusted with icing sugar' :-) Is Old Bob the same doggy as in your small stone in the last post?

    Of course I remember Mr M. 'Remember to breathe' and "Smile......SMILE!" made me laugh as I could relate.

    Kat :-)

  2. I like the dusted with icing sugar image too!

  3. Hello there - I too have a lovely image in my head of Old Bob dusted with icing sugar - I imagine him as an 'old faithful' kind of a dog - and a border collie,for some reason?!

    As for Mr M , I'm surprised that he could speak with those tight trousers, let alone tell anybody to 'SMILE!' : D

  4. Hi Kat . :) The dog in my previous polished stone was Charlie. He's a Standard Poodle x Afghan Hound and is now 15 years old. He might be old, but he's still hyper! I had to rush him to the vet because he dived down the stairs in the house from about half-way up and bumped his side off the radiator. He was in total shock. I was terrified he'd damaged himself internally. The vet kept him there all day, after him having an injection of anti-inflammatories and one of morphine. Thankfully he recovered and is back to his pesky self.... but we've installed a safety gate at the bottom of the stairs! :D Bob will be 16 in May and we have another dog, Benji, who is 14.

    Hi Juliet . :) He looked so comical. You could hardly see any of his black coat underneath.

    Hi Welsh . :) You're spot on, Bob is indeed a Border Collie and he's as handsome now as when he was a young man. :D You've got a point there about Mr M and his trousers - maybe that's why he was always smiling! :O)


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